Top 7 Things To Do In Cambridgeshire

Top 7 Things To Do In Cambridgeshire For most people, Cambridgeshire equals Cambridge, but there’s a lot of things to do in Cambridgeshire outside the university city. If you’re into history, the cathedrals, old university buildings and country houses take you back to medieval times in the county, while the IWM Duxford gives an insight into the 20th-century history of the area. Looking for natural attractions? The fenlands are a brilliant place to get out into nature and explore East Anglia’s

7 vintage train rides in the US that will take you where no cars can go

While the car might be king in the US, and road trips are undeniably great, there’s another way to see the country’s beauty that’s just as slow and that’s got way more swag: Vintage train rides. There are plenty of retro train rides in the US that get you into pristine wilderness no automobile can reach, and some will even let you experience a little American history along the way — from the old lumber lines in the Californian redwoods to the Appalachians to the Klondike Gold Rush route in Alas

How to Create a Budget From Scratch

If creating a budget has always felt like too daunting a task for you, you’re not alone. Most of us are content to shut our eyes to how much money we’re spending and pretend it’s OK that our savings are empty for another month. Honestly, creating a budget does take a bit of work. The good thing is, once you’ve made your budget, you’ll barely have to think about your money again. So start now, and break free from your budgeting woes! The first step to creating a budget is knowing how much money

The 10 cheapest countries in Asia to travel by train

A four hour train journey for 50 pence? Head to Sri Lanka. An overnight sleeper for less than £7? You’ll want Uzbekistan. Train travel in Asia can be incredibly cheap. But it can also be pretty expensive (ahem, Japan). In many countries in Asia, the train isn’t just a way to get around, it can also save you money on hotel beds, it lets you see landscapes you can’t possibly travel through by road, and allows you to meet the locals. If you’re on a budget, here are 10 countries in Asia that you’l

Solo Female Train Travel Guide

I travel alone by train a lot. Overnight in deafeningly loud third-class carriages; sitting bolt upright on a wooden seat for 18 hours; squashed into an overheated six-person compartment with 9 other adults. In a compartment with an elderly lady who fed me oranges; on the Shinkansen, whizzing through Japan. All of my journeys have passed without (serious) incident. And that’s because a smidge of preparation goes a very long way. So here is what I’ve learnt: the best tips for solo female train

Can Language Learning Help Mental Health?

Why are you learning a language? There is a huge benefit to learning languages which most people don’t realise exists. Learning a language can improve your mental health. From boosting your confidence to fighting dementia, by speaking more than one language you are improving your health. Most of us look forward to our annual holidays, often heading abroad for sunshine and relaxation. But one thing that can really hold people back, both in their pre-trip excitement and their enjoyment on the gr

9 sights that make Kraków the most beautiful city in Poland

While the Second World War brought destruction to all other major cities in Poland, the buildings of the city of Kraków in the south of the country largely escaped the fighting and bombings. In 1978, the entirety of Kraków’s old town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, a clear indicator that travelers should not skip this city. Here are nine sights that prove Kraków is the most stunning city in Poland. In the middle of one of the most beautiful medieval town squares in Europe, the Cloth

The best languages to learn for business

Are you an entrepreneur looking to sell products abroad? Or someone who wants to work for a large international firm? Business is not often confined to one country anymore. Modern businesses are international: we import parts and export products, have colleagues spread out across the globe, and look for clients in all corners of the world. This means that speaking only our mother tongue is not enough. We need to learn a foreign language to help us do business. But which one? Read on to find out